fleet wraps

A fleet wrap advertising medium gets your company’s branding message on vehicles and trucks. It’s a form of vehicle advertising that can provide an unparalleled ROI. Commercial vehicle graphics are also one of the most affordable forms of advertising. They can be up to a fourth as expensive as billboards for the same amount of brand impressions!

The Wrapping Process

Sarasota Wraps are large vinyl graphics and decals installed on the exterior of your business’ trucks, delivery vans, or service cars. They bring cohesive company branding to your entire squadron of vehicles, transforming them into a moving billboard and business card circulating your community.

Vehicle wraps are an effective and low-cost advertising solution for local businesses of all sizes. They can generate thousands of impressions daily and even pay for themselves in the first few months after installation.

Unlike online ads that are expensive and time-consuming, custom fleet wraps have an average cost per impression of just $0.77 cents. That’s much less than a radio or TV spot.

The wrapping process is a multi-staged one that involves a number of special tools, professional training and patience. It can take as long as a full day for a single car to be wrapped.


Fleet wraps are large vinyl graphics and decals installed on the exterior of your business’ trucks, delivery vans, and service cars. They bring cohesive company branding to your complete fleet of vehicles, turning them into mobile billboards that deliver real potential business each time they are in use.

These vehicles act as advertising machines that reach thousands of people every day in your sales territory. But they need a quality design to make sure that your message is getting seen.

A great graphic design solution can help you create designs for vehicle wraps that are efficient and effective. A solution that provides features such as color management and font handling capabilities will allow you to design a wrap that is right for your business and your brand.

The design process should start with a realistic mock-up to manage your client’s expectations and ensure that they are satisfied with the final result. The mock-up should include a realistic view of how the graphics will look once they are installed on your fleet of vehicles.


When it comes to fleet wraps, you have a lot of options for creating unique and eye-catching designs. Some of these include flashy metallics, colorful holographic effects and class pearlescents.

Specialty vinyl materials offer a wealth of possibilities for color and texture, too. These can include carbon fiber, iridescent finishes and camouflage patterns.

These colors can really catch the attention of potential customers, as they aren’t something you see everyday on the road. They’re a unique way to market your business and brand.

Another great feature of wraps is that they are a cost-effective solution for marketing your business. Unlike billboards and TV spots, wraps are inexpensive to produce and require little maintenance. Plus, they’re easy to change out, if needed.


Fleet wraps unify your business vehicles, making them appear more professional and credible. They also create a consistent brand message, which makes your business more memorable and attractive to consumers.

They are a proven and cost-effective way to convert passive eyes into paying customers. A single wrapped vehicle can average between 30,000 and 70,000 views per day.

This can lead to significant sales and revenue. Plus, as car technology advances, more and more people will be able to view your company’s messages without even having to turn on their radio or GPS.

A fleet wrap isn’t a simple sticker, and it takes particular tools and expertise to install properly. Mistakes are common, and the adhesives used on vehicle vinyl can be very unforgiving.

If you want your fleet vehicles to stand out, it’s essential that you hire a team of experienced professionals for the job. Choosing a 3M Certified UASG Installer is a great way to ensure that your wraps are installed correctly and last.